Complete Guide to Sales via Bonded Warehouses in China


4/23/20222 min read

1: Introduction to China Bonded Warehouses Understanding China's Bonded Warehouses

China's warehousing landscape offers various options, including bonded warehouses. But what exactly is a bonded warehouse in China?

A bonded warehouse is a specialized type of storage facility where imported and exported goods are held without incurring customs duties until they are removed. These warehouses are crucial for international trade and logistics operations.

There are two main types of bonded warehouses based on the nature of goods stored:

  • Wet Warehouses: for liquids like alcoholic beverages.

  • Dry Warehouses: for all other non-liquid inventory.

2: Types of Bonded Warehouses in China Exploring the Different Types of Bonded Warehouses

In China, bonded warehouses come in various forms, each serving unique purposes:

  1. Temporary Storage Areas: For initial inventory inspection and clearance.

  2. Public Bonded Warehouses: Government-owned facilities open to all.

  3. Private Bonded Warehouses:

    • Type 1: Allows external clients to store inventory.

    • Type 2: Solely for the owner's use.

  4. Free Warehouses: Available to anyone under customs supervision.

  5. Bonded Logistics Parks: Special zones facilitating international trade and logistics.

3: Reasons to Choose China Bonded Warehouses Advantages of Opting for Bonded Warehouses in China

Why opt for bonded warehouses in China over other storage options?

  • Enhanced Security: Rigorous surveillance and quality control.

  • Extended Storage Periods: Ideal for flexible inventory management.

  • Quality Assurance: Ensures product integrity and longevity.

  • Direct Order Fulfillment: Seamless operations for eCommerce businesses.

  • Deferred Customs Duties: Pay duties only upon removal of goods.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Balances budget with quality services.

4: Cost Structure for Selling via China Bonded Warehouses Understanding the Fees and Charges Involved

What are the costs associated with utilizing bonded warehouses in China?

  • Bulk Shipment Costs: Varied by mode (sea vs. air) and volume.

  • Storage Fees: Based on weight, dimensions, and storage duration.

  • Picking and Packing Charges: Per-item cost for fulfillment services.

  • Last-Mile Delivery: Cost for individual item shipments.

5: Finding a Suitable Bonded Warehouse in China Methods to Locate Bonded Warehouses in China

How can you locate a bonded warehouse in China?

  • Utilize China sourcing companies for recommendations.

  • Conduct online searches via Google and social media platforms.

  • Explore professional networks like LinkedIn for industry contacts.

  • Seek recommendations from family and friends with business experience.

6: Popular Bonded Warehouses in China Top Providers of Bonded Warehouse Services in China

Who are the leading companies offering bonded warehouse services in China?

  • MOL Logistics: Reliable global logistics provider.

  • Just China It: Comprehensive solutions for shipping and sourcing.

  • KLG ITM: Joint venture offering extensive freight and warehouse services.

  • KorChina: Established logistics company with a global presence.

7: FAQs about Bonded Warehouses Common Queries and Clarifications

Answers to common queries about bonded warehouses in China:

  • Location of bonded warehouses.

  • Ownership regulations for bonded warehouses.

  • Quality control measures in bonded warehouses.

  • Safety and security of utilizing bonded warehouses.

  • Duration limits for storing inventory.

  • Comparison between FTZ and bonded warehouses.

  • Role of bonded warehouses as fulfillment centers in China.