Leon & Zoe

Leon & Zoe offers four innovative product sourcing service plans designed to streamline your supply chain, ensuring simplicity, efficiency, and transparency.
Level A/Level B/Level C/Level D

Why Choose Us Over Direct Factories?

Lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ):

Direct factories often have high MOQ requirements, making it challenging to customize packaging for small orders. We facilitate coordination with factories or utilize local packaging partners to customize packaging in smaller batches to suit your needs.

Fair Pricing & Diverse Packaging Solutions:

Unlike factory-provided packaging, which may be limited and costly, our in-house design team offers multiple packaging solutions at competitive prices tailored to your requirements.

Product Bundling & Repackaging:

We excel in bundling and assembling products from different suppliers into cohesive sets. If you're unsatisfied with factory packaging, we can also assist in re-packaging products to meet your standards.

1 By 1 Quality Check:

While factories focus on production, we prioritize quality control. Our dedicated team inspects each product individually in our warehouse to ensure zero defects when bundling. This meticulous process guarantees top-notch products for your business needs.