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Sourcing Products for Amazon & Shopify

Encountering challenges in finding products to sell on Amazon & Shopify? Our sourcing expertise ensures the discovery of marketable products that meet your ecommerce requirements, including pricing, materials, quantity, certifications, and manufacturing specifications.

Collaborating with our product sourcing team allows you to concentrate on revenue growth, niche market exploration, and expanding your customer base.

Sourcing Wholesale Products from China

Looking to source products wholesale or find manufacturers in China? MatchSourcing is here to help. Our dedicated customer service representatives are committed to helping you find reliable sources for high-quality products.

Our team of specialists can connect you with top wholesale suppliers in China for trade purposes. We handle negotiations with Chinese wholesale suppliers on your behalf and can facilitate the purchase of your items or even provide dropshipping services.

Custom Product Design & Manufacturing in China Are you seeking OEM/ODM products at competitive prices to differentiate your brand in the competitive market? Opting for a reputable Chinese manufacturer is your ideal solution.

Our team of China sourcing experts can assess the capabilities of various Chinese factories and provide multiple potential suppliers. With this approach, we can effectively fulfill your requirements for sourcing and manufacturing custom products.

Having trouble finding the product you want in China? Zoe Sourcing can help source and import any products for your business. Take advance of versatile our expert product sourcing services.

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Private Label & Custom Packaging Solutions Differentiate your products from competitors by printing logos and customizing packaging.

Our design team offers diverse solutions, and our agents source factories for competitive pricing.

Customize Your Logo on Various Materials

We offer tailored logo solutions based on your budget, minimum order quantity, and product material.

For Plastic, Silicone, and Rubber Products:

Silkscreen printing is ideal for items like circuit boards, silicone wristbands, and rubber phone cases. It's cost-effective and ensures quick processing.

For Wood and Metal Products:

Laser printing is recommended for solid and durable materials, imparting a natural and premium appearance. This method is commonly used for wooden products, tools, and hardware.

For Fabric and Leather Products:

Consider silk screen printing for textiles or opt for embroidery for a handcrafted look. For leather items, hot stamping and embossing are popular methods to showcase your logo.

Tailored Packaging Solutions for Your Products

Simple Packing Box:

Our basic packing boxes are crafted from ordinary paperboard, offering a cost-effective solution for everyday products. Customize these boxes with your logo or patterns inside and outside to enhance brand visibility.

Exquisite Gift Box:

Elevate your product presentation with our exquisite gift boxes, crafted from high-quality cardboard. These boxes feature intricate printing techniques and can include inserts made of EVA, sponge, foam, silk, paper shreds, PVC, or PE. Ideal for high-end items like electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, and wine.

Hang Tag & Pack-Inserts:

Opt for hang tags as an economical private label solution for clothing or handbags. Additionally, enhance your eCommerce marketing efforts with customized pack-inserts such as thank-you cards, stickers, or flyers to improve the unboxing experience for your customers.

Importing from China: Essential Considerations

Importing from China: Essential Considerations

Importing from China: Essential Considerations

Benefits Of Our Product Sourcing Service

At Zoe Sourcing, we make importing from China simple. By working with us you will get these services and benefits:


Our low MOQ policy ensures accessibility, regardless of order size. We prioritize sourcing top-quality goods and meeting all your needs efficiently. No matter the quantity, we're committed to delivering excellence, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase.

Short Lead Time

We will monitor the production process for you once your order has been submitted. You can count on honest comments in real-time and on-time delivery.

Free and Fast Quote

We obtain several quotations from reputable vendors. Our convincing salesperson will negotiate on your behalf to achieve the highest quality at the lowest possible price.

Diverse Product Sourcing

Benefiting from the robust Chinese manufacturing sector and enduring supplier relationships, we excel in diverse product sourcing. Leveraging our network of trusted vendors, we efficiently locate a wide array of products, saving you valuable time while ensuring quality and variety in every procurement endeavor.

Transparent Price

You'll receive factory pricing and transparently pay a commission based on the purchase amount and services provided. Our pricing structure ensures no hidden fees are added to your order, guaranteeing clarity and fairness in every transaction.

Strict Quality Control

You don't have to be concerned about product quality before shipment since we assist you in conducting product quality inspections to ensure a smooth delivery.