China Warehouse

Centralize, Store, and Dispatch

Your Goods with Our Modern Warehouse Facilities in China Expand your sourcing possibilities in China and seamlessly procure from multiple suppliers. Our China warehouse simplifies storage, shipping, and tracking of your products

Our China Warehouse: Your Exclusive Presence in China

Our dedicated China warehouse serves as your essential hub for sourcing, storing, and shipping products from China's primary manufacturing and export centers.

Consider our China warehouse as your personalized supply chain facility in China. It enables you to procure products from any B2C or B2B platform or supplier, including Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao, Tmall, and more. Whether handling large orders or smaller packages, simply instruct the seller to dispatch goods to our Chinese warehouse.

Upon receipt of your goods, we promptly notify you and provide options for inspection, storage, repackaging, or consolidation with other items. Subsequently, we facilitate direct shipment to your designated location, your customers, or Amazon warehouses worldwide.

Think of our China warehouse as an extension of your operations—an entity solely dedicated to your needs, offering tailored solutions designed to align with your precise requirements.

What Our China Warehouse Can Offer You

As a leading 3PL logistics provider, our China warehouse offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline your supply chain and optimize your business operations.

Global Reach

Harness our 3PL fulfillment services to reach customers worldwide, including e-commerce platforms like Amazon FBA, individual consumers, and businesses across diverse locations.

Multi-Platform Support

Our third-party logistics expertise extends to handling purchases from major B2B and B2C platforms in China, such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao, Tmall, and more.

E-commerce Integration

Seamlessly integrate with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, leveraging our 3PL providers to streamline order processing and fulfillment.

Returns Management

Efficiently manage product returns, exchanges, and refunds with the support of our 3PL logistics companies, ensuring customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Value-Added Services

Enhance your product offering and marketing efforts with additional services like product photography, kitting, and bundling through our 4PL services.

Customized Logistics Solutions

Collaborate with our 4PL logistics experts to develop tailored logistics plans that optimize routes, reduce shipping costs, and enhance operational efficiency.

Compliance and Documentation

Rely on our 4PL providers to navigate customs clearance, handle paperwork, and ensure compliance with international rules and regulations.

Multi-Skilled Customer Support

Access responsive and knowledgeable customer service from our 5PL logistics teams, leveraging their expertise in sourcing and shipping to address all your queries and concerns.

Discover the full potential of our China warehouse and optimize your supply chain with our extensive range of 3PL, 4PL, and 5PL logistics services. Contact us today to explore how we can empower your business to thrive in the global marketplace.

Manage all shipping and logistical tasks seamlessly

At Leon&Zoe, we adeptly handle all aspects of shipping and logistics, from freight booking to customs clearance. Rest assured, we'll ensure your products are delivered to your doorstep promptly and in pristine condition, allowing you to concentrate on managing your business effectively.

Access our warehouses for all your supply chain requirements

Leon&Zoe maintains warehouses in China, providing secure storage for your products until they are ready for shipment. This enables us to conduct quality control inspections and consolidate multiple orders into one package, ultimately reducing your shipping expenses.

Offer prompt and expert customer support

Leon&Zoe is committed to assisting you at every stage of your journey. Our team of seasoned customer support representatives stands ready to address any inquiries you may have regarding China sourcing, warehouse management, shipping, or any other specific requirements you may have.

How to Work with Us

Please feel free to send us inquiry including your e-mail, quantity, products and etc. We will reply you by e-mail within 24 hours.

Send Us Your requests

Email us what you want to purchase .

Quote At Your Request

We will mail you different prices with different factories.

Confirmed& Advance payment

30% advance payment after confirmed order.

Goods Production

Start production according to your requests.

Goods Inspection

We will check your goods before shipment.

Goods Reports

Will send your goods report depends on your detailed by email.

Balance Payment

70% Balance payment after everything is correct.

Arrange Shipment

Clear Customs and arrange shipment.

Our Strategic China Warehouse Locations Optimal Sites for Your Sourcing Requirements

Guangzhou:Situated in southern China, Guangzhou is renowned for its vibrant textiles, apparel, and consumer electronics industries. Its strategic position provides convenient access to international shipping routes, facilitating global distribution of packages.

Shenzhen:Located in southeastern China, Shenzhen is a hub for high-tech and e-commerce enterprises specializing in smartphones, computers, and electronics. Its prime location ensures efficient and rapid global shipping of goods.

Shanghai :Situated in eastern China, Shanghai boasts a strong presence in automotive, electronics, and consumer goods industries. Its strategic location offers easy access to international shipping routes, simplifying global package distribution.

Suzhou: Positioned in eastern China, Suzhou is known for its production of textiles, machinery, and electronics. Its strategic location facilitates global shipping, enhancing your competitiveness in international markets.

Qingdao:Located in northern China, Qingdao is a manufacturing hub for home appliances, textiles, and machinery. Its proximity to major shipping routes ensures seamless global distribution of products.

Tianjin :Near Beijing in northern China, Tianjin plays a significant role in automotive, petrochemical, and electronics industries. Its strategic location guarantees timely global shipments.

Xiamen :Situated in southeastern China, Xiamen is a center for machinery, textiles, and footwear industries. Its proximity to vital shipping routes provides a strategic advantage for global logistics and supply chain management.

Ningbo :Located in eastern China, Ningbo specializes in textiles, machinery, and consumer goods. Its strategic location near major shipping routes simplifies global logistics, facilitating efficient supply chain management.

Why Our China Warehouse Leads the Industry

Our China warehouse stands out from competitors due to several distinct advantages that position us as the premier choice for your supply chain requirements.

Comprehensive Geographic Coverage

We maintain warehouses in eight of China's most crucial manufacturing and export hubs, ensuring swift and efficient service for your suppliers regardless of their location.

Competitive Pricing

Our solutions are priced competitively, enabling you to maximize profits without compromising on quality or service.

Personalized Customer Care

Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to develop tailored logistics strategies that align precisely with your business needs.

Enhanced Security Measures

Your goods' safety and security are paramount to us. We employ advanced security protocols and technologies to safeguard your inventory.

All-in-One Service Offering

From procurement to shipping, we provide a comprehensive suite of services, enabling you to address all your supply chain demands conveniently under one roof.

Industry Expertise Across Diverse Sectors

Backed by extensive experience and knowledge across various product categories, our team is equipped to effectively manage and support your business requirements.