How to Successfully Work with Leon & Zoe: A Step-by-Step Guide


2/2/20232 min read

How to Successfully Work with Leon & Zoe: A Step-by-Step Guide

Working with suppliers like Leon & Zoe can streamline your procurement process and ensure smooth transactions. If you're considering partnering with them for your sourcing needs, here's a detailed guide on how the process typically unfolds:

1. Send Your Inquiry

The first step to initiate a business relationship with Leon & Zoe is to send them an inquiry. You can include details such as your email address, desired quantity of products, specific product requirements, and any other pertinent information. This initial contact allows Leon & Zoe to understand your needs and respond promptly.

2. Receive a Quote

After receiving your inquiry, Leon & Zoe will provide you with quotes from different factories or suppliers based on your specified requirements. These quotes will detail the pricing, quantities, and other relevant terms. This step enables you to compare options and make informed decisions.

3. Confirm Your Order & Make Advance Payment

Once you've reviewed the quotes and decided to proceed, confirm your order with Leon & Zoe. They typically require a 30% advance payment to secure the order. This step is crucial in initiating the production process and reserving the necessary materials.

4. Production Begins

With your order confirmed and advance payment received, production will commence according to your specifications. Leon & Zoe will coordinate with the factories or suppliers to ensure that your products are manufactured according to the agreed-upon requirements and timelines.

5. Goods Inspection

Quality control is a priority for Leon & Zoe. Before shipping your goods, they will conduct a thorough inspection to verify that the products meet your standards and specifications. This step helps prevent any issues or discrepancies before delivery.

6. Receive Goods Report

After completing the inspection, Leon & Zoe will provide you with a detailed goods report. This report will include information on the quality, quantity, and condition of the goods, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.

7. Make Balance Payment

Once you've received and reviewed the goods report, it's time to make the balance payment. The remaining 70% of the payment is typically settled after confirming that everything meets your expectations and specifications.

8. Arrange Shipment

The final step involves arranging shipment. Leon & Zoe will handle customs clearance and coordinate with logistics partners to ensure smooth delivery of your goods to the designated location. They'll keep you informed throughout this process to provide peace of mind.

By following these steps, you can establish a productive and efficient partnership with Leon & Zoe for your sourcing and procurement needs. Their commitment to quality and professionalism ensures a seamless experience from inquiry to delivery.

If you have any questions or would like to start working with Leon & Zoe, don't hesitate to reach out and begin your sourcing journey today!