The Best And Reliable China Shipping Agent


12/23/20222 min read

Finding the best shipping agents in China can be crucial for ensuring efficient and reliable transportation of goods. Here's a list of 20 well-regarded China shipping agents that you may consider:

  1. Sinotech Logistics Co., Ltd. - Offers comprehensive freight forwarding services including sea freight, air freight, and customs clearance.

  2. COSCO Shipping Lines - One of the largest shipping companies in China, providing a wide range of shipping and logistics solutions.

  3. Kerry Logistics - Offers integrated logistics services, including freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution.

  4. DHL Global Forwarding - Provides international shipping and freight services with a strong presence in China.

  5. UPS Supply Chain Solutions - Offers reliable logistics and supply chain solutions for businesses shipping from China.

  6. FedEx Trade Networks - Specializes in customs brokerage, global trade management, and freight forwarding services.

  7. CEVA Logistics - Provides end-to-end supply chain solutions, including freight management and contract logistics.

  8. Expeditors International - Offers air and ocean freight services along with customs brokerage and distribution.

  9. Sino Shipping - Specializes in shipping services from China to various destinations worldwide.

  10. Panalpina - Provides logistics and freight forwarding services, particularly for complex supply chain needs.

  11. Kintetsu World Express (KWE) - Offers international freight forwarding and logistics services.

  12. CMA CGM - A leading shipping line offering container transportation services.

  13. China Logistics Club - Provides a network of logistics service providers in China.

  14. S.F. Express - Specializes in express shipping and logistics services within China and internationally.

  15. Nippon Express - Offers logistics solutions, including freight forwarding and warehousing.

  16. JAS Worldwide - Provides customized logistics solutions, including air and ocean freight services.

  17. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics - Offers comprehensive logistics services, including sea and air freight.

  18. NGL Supply Chain - Provides supply chain management and logistics services for businesses in China.

  19. Dimerco Express Group - Offers international freight forwarding and logistics services.

  20. Cargobase - Provides a digital platform for managing freight shipments and logistics.

These shipping agents vary in terms of specialties, coverage areas, and services offered. It's important to evaluate your specific shipping needs and consider factors like shipping routes, cost, reliability, and customer service when selecting a shipping agent from China. Additionally, conducting research and seeking recommendations from other businesses can help you identify the most suitable shipping agent for your requirements.